Custom Woven Wire Fence for Deer or Elk

Custom Fencing for a Long-Lasting Investment

At Outback Fence & Fabrication we design and fabricate fences primarily for the commercial sector, focusing on organizations and businesses in need of quality fencing for animal enclosures. From 300-400 foot fencing jobs to single enclosures surpassing 10,000 feet, no fence job is too large for us to handle. Today we fabricate and install a variety of fence types throughout the Upper Midwest (MN, WI, ND, SD, & IA) including:

  • Exclusion Fencing
  • Trellis Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Woven Wire Fencing
  • Steel Post Fencing
  • Wood Post Fencing

Keeping Animals Where You Want Them

As professional fence fabricators, who also raise elk, we have gained great recognition among owner / operators within the wild game / wildlife management industry as well as those within the livestock growing industry. Our experience has led us to fabricate fences and enclosures for the following applications:

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Bison
  • Livestock - Cattle, Horses, Goats, Sheep, etc.
  • Vineyards & Orchards

Our portfolio of clients includes a variety of organizations such as Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd MN, Wildwood Wildlife Park & Nature Center in Minocqua WI, Simonson Whitetails of Springfield MN, as well as many other elk, deer and domestic animal breeders.

Unsurpassed Quality & Detail

In most cases, the fencing enclosures we design and fabricate need to not only be secure but also aesthetically pleasing for onlookers. At Outback Fence & Fabrication we pour quality into every step of the fencing process: ensuring accurate and appropriate specifications during the design phase; considering suitable material types based on the animal species; using the highest regarded materials during fabrication; and providing expert installation. In the end, we understand that it is our attention to quality and detail that will have the greatest impact on your fence’s long-term functionality, appearance, and overall value.

Woven Wire Fencing for Deer & Elk Enclosures

Reliable sources, and our own experience, have proven that woven wire fencing - also known as box wire, non-climb, mesh fencing, etc. - lends itself to being a highly suitable option when it comes to deer and elk. Whether you’re trying to keep them in a certain area or prevent them from causing damage to fields and garden plots, woven wire fencing is a recommended long-term solution. When constructed using high-quality materials, like those used by Outback Fence & Fabrication, a woven wire fence offers a long-life span and relatively low maintenance.

Specifically designed to keep animals in or out, woven wire features both vertical and horizontal wires connected to form a tight grid and is available in various heights and grid openings. Once securely fastened to sturdy posts, woven wire fencing can keep even small animals like rabbits out of an area and keep animals as large and agile as an elk in. Whether you’re looking to create an enclosure fence or an exclusion fence, make sure to contact us at Outback Fence & Fabrication, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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