Custom Fabricated Cattle or Wildlife Feeders

Custom Fabrication & Welding Services

From repairs to complete equipment manufacturing, our fabricators at Outback Fence & Fabrication are willing and able to tackle just about anything when it comes to steel and metal. Working one-on-one with you, we can determine what you need and then implement our design, fabricating, and finishing skills to produce long-lasting quality pieces. At Outback Fence & Fabrication our fabricating and welding services are often sought-after for the following applications:

  • Manufacturing of Livestock Equipment - Feeders, Bunks, Cattle Gates, Buckets, etc.
  • Repair & Modification of Trailers, Wagons, Tractors, & Machinery
  • Custom Entry & Enclosure Gates
  • In-Shop or On-Site Equipment & Machinery Repair Services

Our custom fabrication service means that your equipment will be built to your specifications, and can be modified if and when needed. Whether your needs consist of simple yet sturdy livestock feeders or in-depth machinery repairs, our team at Outback Fence & Fabrication is here for you. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to get estimates for your next custom job.

Producing High-Quality Finished Gates for Any Application

At Outback Fence & Fabrication we specialize in fencing and believe that no fence is complete without a solid gate to go with it. While some fences require very simplistic gates - more for function than form - other fences need a more unique gate to finish them off. Fortunately we are able to design and fabricate just about anything.

  • Steel Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Aluminum Gates
  • Driveway Entry Gates
  • Public Entry Gates for Zoos, Wildlife Parks, etc.

After applying a suitable finish, either painting our powder coating, we provide precision installation of your custom gate to ensure proper and lasting function of your investment. Contact us to get your custom gate project underway.

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